Raine Hamilton

Resonant, acoustic folk with an other-worldly edge 

and a lyric presence that cuts deep



Past Your Past, released May 2015. 

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Raine Hamilton was, in a star-studded cast of famous players, the most remarkable and remarked upon performer who graced our stages last weekend.

I would highly recommend this pint-sized dynamo to any presenter. Ps. She's great with kids.”

     - Jennifer Ives, AD of Live From the Rock Folk and Blues Festival

“Raine Hamilton was an asset to the artistic vision of our festival 2015. Raine is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. She is also a delight to deal with professionally.”

     - Darin Adison, Artistic Director of Home County Festival, London ON

“Raine Hamilton and Quintin Bart delighted audiences at the 2016 Trout Forest Music Festival. Both are delightful people and great workshoppers.”

     - Devin Latimer, A.D., Trout Forest Music Festival

“Raine Hamilton delivered an incredibly engaging set of music that connected with a wide audience.  Raine has a unique stage presence thanks to a genuine delivery of her songs, plus some quick wit.  She even joined William Prince during his set and accompanied him on violin.“

     - Stu Anderson, AD Prairie Wind Festival

“Raine Hamilton is an artist to keep your eye on. Her trajectory up into skilled artist and humorous raconteur has been swift and awe inspiring. Raine's professionalism - combined with a purity of voice and solid playing - makes her a good bet for any show.”  

     - Heather Bishop, Artist, Order of Canada

“(Re: songwriting workshop) Raine Hamilton wants to help people write and perform songs, and she is very, very good at it. Participants leave with well deserved confidence and skills they can use in song creation and other adventures. ”

     - Cathy Morgan, Facilitator 2016 Live From the Rock Songwriting Workshop

"I feel like she sings things I feel in my heart. She sings feelings. She is a wizard and I love her."

    - Mandy Mcllwraith, fan


Pacific Contact Official Showcase 

Recording second album, Winter 2016

Home Routes, 2017

Summer Festival Tour, 2017

Artists in the Schools songwriting and fiddling workshops


Raine performs her song Everything with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Raine performs her song Everything with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Raine With The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Folk Music Ontario Official Showcase

Contact East Official Showcase

Trout Forest Festival, Ear Falls ON

Live From The Rock, Red Rock ON 

Grassy Plains, Grassy Plains BC

Kispiox, *Headliner*, Kispiox BC

Festival Du Bois, Coquitlam BC

Festival Du Voyageur, Winnipeg MB

Home County Festival, London ON

The Works Festival, Edmonton AB

Rainbow Trout Festival, St. Malo MB

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Solo: Raine solo, violin, guitar, voice

Duo: with bass or cello

Trio: with bass and cello

Full band: with bass, cello, drums


Raine offers workshops in songwriting and fiddle tune writing for children and adults. Details here


Download tech and stage plot solo/duo/trio

Download tech and stage plot full band


Teresa Nelson





Resonant, acoustic folk with an other-worldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals + strings; A combination of vocal agility and power. 

Raine is part prairie songstress, part storyweaver; Each song has a story, delivered between songs with humour and grace. Expect to laugh, expect to cry. Also, she’s probably shorter than you’re imagining, so expect that, too.

Raine invites her love of the violin into the singer-songwriter genre, writing for violin and voice, as well as for guitar and voice. Joined by cello and upright bass, expect string arrangements that push and pull, that move as they console.

Reviewers describe Raine’s music as “simultaneously earnest and mature” (Daniel Emberg, Stylus Magazine), “complimented by menacing strings and balanced out by Hamilton's sugary vocals.”  (Nicholas Friesen, The Uniter).

I was stunned to hear something as clear and delicate as her voice ring out - commanding attention with its sensitive, open approach… with a rich musical history at play in her creation.” (Eleni Armenakis, Gray Owl Point).

Check out Raine's new full-length album, Past Your Past.