Gender Inclusive Washrooms

The March 24th concert at the West End Cultural Centre will have gender inclusive washrooms.

Why is this a thing?

I think that public spaces and events should be available to everyone, and using washrooms is a necessary part of going to an event and being in a public space. Not everyone feels safe or welcome to use washrooms the way they are typically set up, in a male/female way.

What does this look like? 

Single stall washrooms in the basement of the WECC will be available to all attendees. These are gender inclusive washrooms available to anyone who prefers a single stall washroom. 

Upstairs, the public washrooms of the WECC will remain pretty much as is. We will make one change to labelling: Instead of labelling the washrooms male/female, which excludes people who don't identify that way, the washrooms will be labelled with a sign depicting a urinal, and a sign depicting a toilet. Labelling according to the function of the room, as opposed to by who is welcome there, is a more inclusive move. 

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