BC Tour 2014

Touring Adventures :)

I am back on the flatlands of the prairie, after a wonderful touring adventure! I played 16 shows in BC, and explored new frontiers of life and joy!

I played 16 shows in BC, and loved them all :) !  I am so happy to share art in the world, and to make new connections and friends. 

Here is a new video from my last tour stop at The Edge of the World Festival on Haida Gwaii.

Some Tour Highlights: 

- It was so rad to hear my song "My Own Way" played on CBC in Victoria. I was in a coffee shop. I smiled and smiled and smiled :) 

- Visiting Haida Gwaii, and performing at the Edge of the World Festival was the coolest! Haida Gwaii is a remote and extraordinary place. 


It all started off with The Great Train Adventure!!

Via Rail offers an amazing opportunity to musicians and artists, called Artists on Board: perform on the train in exchange for passage! I played 3 sets a day on the train, got put up in a divine tiny cabin, and ate stupendous meals. It was great!


Then it was off to Vancouver, for some fantastic experiences with fantastic folks! Thanks to Brittany Willacy of The Cross Legged Willies, and Cold Water Road for sharing the stage :) 


- Lake Okanagan

- Kelowna

The Okanagan was next. It was Beautiful! Huge thanks to my BC cousins for their help and support, and to family friends for hosting me! :) 

My stop in Kelowna was made special by the appearance of fellow Winnipeg musician Matthew Carter, who sat in for a few tunes :) Also, I got to catch up with my childhood violin teacher! How cool was that???!! (Very cool. It was very, very cool :) ). 

Vancouver Island

- Victoria

- Cumberland

- Nanaimo

- Duncan

Vancouver Island! What a dream! Staying on a floating house in Victoria was a highlight for sure, as were great collaborative shows! Special thanks to artist Jessica Benini for a really wonderful Victoria show! 

Cumberland and Nanaimo were great stops, with great people, and great newspapers! Check out these write ups in the Comox Valley Record, and the Nanaimo News Bulletin :)

The 39 Days of July festival in Duncan was really something! 39 straight days of music! Unbelievable! I also marvelled at the most unique and interesting venue, The Duncan Showroom. This place is something else. Home to a collection of cherished antiques and oddities, this place wears its uniqueness on its sleeve. The same can be said of the venue's very cool and interesting director, Longevity John (also director of 39 Days of July). Here is but one corner of this interesting place I plan to visit again: 

Treasures at the Duncan Showroom, Duncan BC

Treasures at the Duncan Showroom, Duncan BC


Haida Gwaii, The Edge of the World Festival

Then it was off to Haida Gwaii for The Edge of the World Festival! First stop, Port Hardy, where I would catch the inside passage ferry to Haida Gwaii. Port Hardy was magical. I walked the tidelines, I saw a million salmon, and I soaked in the etherial energy of that place. The people at the North Coast Trail Hostel were so kind. And there was a tall ship, hanging out and floating around just down the road. How neat!

I saw whales! Really!!!!! I went  on a whale watching day trip, which I highly, highly recommend! We saw a million orcas and a few humpbacks, and they were all awe inspiring! Look, an orca! I promise it is really there :) 

Whale watching in Port McNeil

Whale watching in Port McNeil

I caught the inside passage ferry up to Prince Rupert (16 hours), and then another ferry across to Haida Gwaii (7 hours). I recommend making a fort out of belongings and chairs for the duration. 

I arrived on Haida Gwaii and was so warmly welcomed! The Edge of the World Festival is a gem! There was so much kindness there! it was wonderful to connect with other artists, such as Doug Koyama, Tereza Tomek, Barefoot Caravan, and Frankie. Also, I ate crab for the first time :) It was...not something I've ever come across on the prairie. 

And there you have it!

And there you have it! A grand adventure! I flew home from Haida Gwaii, and spent the remaining summer weekends at Manitoba Festivals (more on that later :) ).  I am so, so happy with how this tour went! Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me along the way! 

A grand, musical adventure, and on to the next!!!! 

Thank you so much for your interest and support! You guys are the absolute best!!!!



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