Small Packages EP

The Making of Small Packages

This project has been a long time in the making! I quit some of my jobs, I wrote some songs, I asked some friends and family for help, and here we are! 

Small Packages, an EP of 3 songs, will be released June 9th, 2014. 7:30 pm, Exchange Community Church, 75 Albert street, 15$. Details here.

Stream the EP here :)

The song January is available for free download here :)

Buy a download card at a live show to get the full EP.

The Songs

The  EP songs are part of a larger full-length album that will be released in 2015. The songs (January, My Own Way, Time) are very personal and transformative.


It is beautiful to be known deeply by another person. And when those relationships end, a heart can be rebuilt, but first the pieces must be spread out and acknowledged. First the story must be told.

I wrote this song in the Winnipeg airport, leaving home, and leaving love behind.

My Own Way

Here, I leave behind what I thought I was supposed to do, how I thought I was supposed to live. I let it go, I forgive myself, and I sing. 


Choosing what to do with our time here can be daunting. Especially when you don’t have a dishwasher. When so many tasks abound, we can be left wondering, “Where’s the time? When will I do all these other things? These Important things?” Luckily I happened upon enough time to at least write a song about it. Then I ran out of forks.


Recording started in fall of 2013, with some fine and awesome musician friends: Bill Hamilton (Guitar, producer, engineer. This is my dad!), Quintin Bart (Bass), Julian Bradford (Cello), Daniel Jordan (Drums), Donovan Locken (Mandolin), Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner (Banjo). We recorded in my parents' home, and what a blast it was!

Quintin Bart, Julian Bradford, Raine Hamilton, keeping it awesome.

Quintin Bart, Julian Bradford, Raine Hamilton, keeping it awesome.


My dad, Bill Hamilton has been an amazing asset to this project! He has been incredibly supportive of my songwriting and music career; an early soundboard I bounce ideas around with, a role model songwriter and musician. Thanks dad! In this project, he contributes as producer and engineer, as well as the main guitarist. You rock dad! Thank you for your amazing support and contribution.


Julian Bradford does an amazing job on cello! Julian, you are so great to have around, and I love love love your contribution to this recording! Thank you for all of your notes, and for your chill, even-keeled approach to life and music! Also, you should hear this guy play the bass!




Quintin Bart is upright bassist with fantastic chops, intuition, and insight! Thank you for your generous, authentic and ingenious ideas! The arrangements thank you too!


Daniel Jordan, I am so, so happy you could play drums on this record! You brought such care, accuracy, insight, foresight and authenticity to this project! Thank you! Click here to be amazed by Daniel and his amazing band, Red Moon Road.


Donovan Locken contributed  killer mandolin licks to this recording. Thanks Donovan! You were one of the first musicians I collaborated with on this project. Thank you for working these songs out with me, and for laying down those sweet runs! Check out his sweet bluegrass band, Flat City Folk.


Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner is responsible for the sweet banjo happenings in Time. Thank you for rehearsing and recording, even when you were so, so busy. Your sensitive and skilled musical stylings contributed so much! Here is DPH in action, rocking the banjo in the stellar band Red Moon Road.



Thank you for your interest and support! I appreciate it hugely! If you feel like it would be cool to keep in touch about events and fun times etc., please sign up for the newsletter (and get a free download!) .

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