Folk Music Ontario and Eastern Tour!

Wow, do I feel blessed by this fall!! I attended my first folk music conference, toured eastward for the first time, and spent time with lovely people all over the place! 



 Montreal, where I played a show with the wonderfulest Claire Morrison

Montreal is also where these Macaroons live! 




Onward to stop 2, Ottawa! My super creative friend and ex-pat Winnipeger Grace Hrabi and I played a show, along with Ottawa-based and fantastic Dynamite Motel

Thank you for the good times, ladies!! :) 


Folk Music Ontario Conference

FMO is a conference for folk musicians, folk festivals and other industry professionals. Hundreds of people attend, and I learned TONS from the panels, workshops, networking meetings and performance showcasing.

The conference is held in a hotel, and organizations hold showcases in some of the rooms, into the night! I feel so lucky and excited to have performed with the Manitoba Music showcase!

Many other Manitoba artists also performed! Kevin Roy, Carly Dow, The Sturgeons! And many other rad artists!

And the jamming! The unprecedented calibre of it all!!! I replaced sleeping with jamming, with no regrets. 



I had a few days off in Toronto after the conference. Toronto was kind to me! My childhood fiddling friend Rosalyn Dennet lives in Toronto, and she helped me find a new bow. 

House Concert

A few days later In Toronto, this very cool house concert happened! Huge thanks to Karen and Simon for sharing their loft space with us! 

The Great Prairie Campout

Some friends were so kind to host myself and some other outstanding artists at their place in Toronto! Thank you so much for that! It was SO MUCH FUN! 

We turned their basement into the Great Prairie Campout, filled with us Manitoba and Alberta artist types :) The music of the Great Prairie Campout is a real treat! Check out Kevin Roy, and Brett Nelson.


Next is more writing, applying, dreaming, singing and spreadsheets! All that good stuff! Preparations for the full album release are underway!!! 

Thank you for checking out the blog! 




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